Open Caption: Issue 2

Tucker Andrews, The Launch, Keystone, CO | Photo: Huggy

Tucker Andrews, The Launch, Keystone, CO | Photo: Huggy


Quality captions come in all shapes and syllables. When first conceived, captions were intended to provide necessary information not relayed by the image itself. Since then, they have mutated into quips that often don't even pertain to the associated photo. Each month, our Open Caption contest gives our readers a shot at captioning a compelling shot. This issue's photo hits the mark with a pic of Tucker Andrews planting a six-pointer at Keystone, Colorado. Keystone's Area 51 Terrain Park has hosted two Superparks and two Launch events and now, they are looking to host three SNOWBOARDER readers. Just head over to our facebook page and leave your best caption within the comments of the photo. The three best caption providers will receive complimentary lift tickets from Keystone.

Last Month’s Winner

Open Caption week 1 photo The winning caption for last month‘s Open Caption was….

“It takes dedication to show up to the Holy Oly. It takes commitment to try fastplants. Matt Guess proving that it takes balls to do both." – Karleton Pfaff