Open Caption Issue 5 Web

Terje Haakonsen. Kamchatka, Russia. Photo: Sami Touriniemi


After a career's worth of captions, each extolling some next-level riding virtue, it's about time Terje was subjected to the lighter side of snowboard punditry. Not since the days of Blunt Magazine has Haakon found himself the fodder of the funny. (Must be nice.) Well, that is all about to end. Like everything else he does, Terje comes to the Open Caption with a photo that is next-level, so we are calling all readers to open the floodgates, soak up all the laughable characteristics of this image, dust off their dry wits, and spill forth the best captions which come to mind in regards to this photo of the Sprocking Cat "getting wet." Head over to SNOWBOARDERmag’s facebook page and show us what you can come up with. The best caption as deemed by the SNOWBOARDER staff will be granted a prize package presented by Burton.

*Contest Ends December 6th, 2010

open caption 4 small The winning caption for last month‘s Open Caption was….

“For crimes against snowboarding, we find you guilty and sentence you to hanging.”- Graham Mueller