Jizo make scorpion! High Cascade Snowboard Camp, OR. PHOTO: HUGGY

This contest has ended. Congrats to Danny L. for the caption “Jizo shows the world that eating shit isn't just for dogs anymore.”

While professional snowboarders have Kazu, the professional snowboard industry has Jizo. Everyone's favorite Japanese character is as animated in real life as he is talented behind the lens. As one of Japan's premier snowboard photographers, Jizo has captured some stunning and iconic imagery, and much of it has made its way into these publications, but it's his peculiarities that have truly transformed Jizo from lensman to funnyman. Jesse Grandkowski and the Airblaster crew adopted him when he was fresh off the boat from the South Pacific, and the little guy made his impact in early Airblaster team movies and was featured (among other things): karate shadow-boxing himself, learning and reciting extremely inappropriate American slang on film, never knowing exactly where he was at any given time, dressing up as "Jizz Anderson" and fumbling his way down the High Cascade lane, and taking his shirt off at even a stranger's request…then stacking shit. Speak of the devil, this month's Open Caption features a shirtless Jizo about to burn his nipples off in the High Cascade pipe. The person who can conjure up the most compelling caption will win an Airblaster t-shirt with Jizo's mug on the front. Just provide us with your wittiest caption for this image in the comment section below. From there, it's a battle of wits to concoct a caption about Jizu's snowburnt tits. And remember, every good caption has a happy ending.

*Contest Ends September 30th