Up For Grabs: Win Bode Merrill’s Snowboard Gear

Right now, Bode Merrill is the man. His shots in HCSC's summer session recaps have propelled him into the–ahem–"cosmos" of snowboard superstardom…and for good reason. One-footed back sevens, double backs while wearing a backpack, and unexpected rodeos off of park rails are tricks that will surely spread fodder, but what makes Bode one of my favorite riders in the world is the fact that although he rides like a deranged hellion, he's a cold-blooded snowboarder with an amazing sense of humor and a genuine persona. With a 2008 World Quarterpipe Championship crown and a recent win at our very own America's Next Top Pro Model, "The Champ" (as we now refer to him) has a few titles under his belt, but it's Bode's antics in the alpine and on the streets that have catapulted him into the public eye. With the last part in Absinthe's Neverland a few years back, Bode let everyone know that he was the one of the best snowboarders alive, and his recent offering in their new release, Twe12ve, has solidified his spot on snowboarding's short list of top tier talent. Yes, right now, Bode Merrill is the man, and if you want a chance to win "The Man's Board," you've found the right page. All you have to do is enter your information in the form below and wait. Bottoms up!
– Tom Monterosso

Multiple entries will not increase your chances of winning!

Salomon Man’s Board
M.S.R.P.: $499.95

Salomon F4.0 Boot
M.S.R.P.: $399.00

bonfire mt hood jacket

Bonfire Mt. Hood Jacket
M.S.R.P.: $349.95

anon comrade goggle

Anon Comrade Goggle
M.S.R.P.: $119.95

Celtek Misty Glove

Celtek Misty Glove
M.S.R.P.: $39.95

dang shades

Dang Shades
M.S.R.P.: $19.99

Magical Go Go Wax copy

Magical Go-Go Wax
M.S.R.P.: $9.95

cobra dogs hoody

Cobra Dogs Hoody & Fun Bag
M.S.R.P.: $52.00

Crab Grab
M.S.R.P.: Priceless