Photo: Daniel Blom

Photo: Daniel Blom

Pennsylvania isn't really acknowledged for producing world-class shreds. In fact, it's a state more associated with steel mills than ski hills. However, the Keystone State slopes have groomed some of snowboarding's most formidable über-groms in their early years. Such is the case for PA native Eddie Wall. However, Wall's home hill can't take all the credit for his on-snow success; Eddie's personal drive and endless ability is what catapulted him into the upper echelons of awesome. Mopping floors and cleaning toilets in the Mammoth base lodge at night and fine-tuning his skills in Mammoth's Main Park by day, Eddie introduced himself to the snowboard world around the turn of the century, and since then has rewritten the "video pro" handbook, cranking out one next-level part after another for the last decade. A sponsor switch-up to Forum later, Eddie has become a team captain of sorts—as he's been around the block a few times—but don't go thinking that the dude's "hitting the wall." Eddie spent last winter filming for Forum's new team video Forever, and as usual, you can expect the unusual with Eddie's astounding offering. In the meantime, we're giving you the chance to cop Eddie's kit. Click the button below and enter to win Wall's wicked wardrobe.
–Tom Monterosso

Congratulations to Tedd Simmons of Portland, OR. Not a bad start to the season for Tedd who will be kitted in Eddies gear for the upcoming season. If you think you see Eddie at Mammoth this winter don’t bug him for an autograph til you see him take a run, it might just be Tedd….

Forum Eddie Wall

Forum Eddie Wall 154
M.S.R.P.: $499.99

"My favorite graphic so far, from all my pro models. The 154 is perfect for all mountain and park. It’ll help you pick up chicks in the liftline too…. ‘Is that an Eddie Wall board?’ ‘Why yes it is….etc.’ You get the point."

Forum Faction Binding

Forum Faction
M.S.R.P.: $159.99

DC Park Boot

DC Park Boot
M.S.R.P.: $200.00

"Forum makes boards and boots. DC now makes boards and boots. I ride for both…awkward!"

Foursquare Ruff Jacket

Foursquare Ruff
M.S.R.P.: $319.99

"This jacket is named after one of the most legendary TM’s in snow history, Steve Ruff. When I was fresh on the Fourstar crew, Ruff made it a point to corrupt me heavily, which he did a wonderful job doing. Now I wear a jacket named after him. Thanks Ruff."

Foursquare Q Pant

Foursquare Q
M.S.R.P.: $199.99

"Honestly the best Foursquare pant ever made. I ordered about ten pairs… just in case they stop making this cut in the future I’ll be stocked up for a few years."

Smith IO Goggle

Smith I/O
M.S.R.P.: $180.00

"Love ’em. I can say that they are my favorite looking google on the market and they’re very functional. I don’t know what I/O stands for… maybe ‘Internationally Outstanding.' That’s pretty corny sounding though."


Forum $10/Hour
M.S.R.P.: $34.99

"I used to ride for Grenade Gloves, but now I ride for Forum Gloves, but I am still friends with all the Grenade homies. And that’s what really matters, isn’t it?"


Vestal ZR3
M.S.R.P.: $290.00

"Vestal is the coolest watch company ever. They began in the music industry and have all these punk rock musicians on their team. Now they are in snow and skate and have the same vibe. Their office is all black and hesh style and they play music really loud in the lobby. Sweet."


2 Day Mammoth Mountain Lift Tickets

"Such a fun mountain to shred, and they give me a VIP parking pass so I can park right up front; that’s nice. It’s fun for park and pow days, I really like Mammoth. Check out their new video this year, Hot Laps! It’s the first Mammoth Mtn. video!"