Up For Grabs: Win Kyle Clancy's Snowboard Gear

Photo: Daniel Blom.

Photo: Daniel Blom.

With the Up For Grabs giveaway one lucky reader wins a new kit as opposed to an old one. This month, Kyle Clancy is giving away his Rossignol board, Gordini goggles, Under Armour outerwear, and DAKINE gloves; all of it brand spanking new. If we were giving away one of his old setups—say, what he rode when he first got sponsored—we'd be giving away Bugz goggles and a Killer Loop board. (You know, the ones that came with the detachable noses for park or powder.) Killer Loop snowboards? Detachable noses? Even fifteen years ago you couldn't give those things away. Actually, someone gave 'em to Kyle and he rode 'em at Stowe, so that last statement isn't true. I have to say that Kyle is one of the most talented freestylers period. Anyone who has seen the Grenade, BrainFarm, Community Project, or Mongo Pro movies knows this. Also, if I don't prop Kyle up after exposing his sordid sponsorship past, then I'll be given a detachable nose.
Pat Bridges ––

Congratulations to Tom Bender of Carbondale, CO.
Now; watch every video part Clancy has ever had and attempt to mimic his style.

<strong>Rossignol Decoy 157 <br/> MSRP: $429.99</strong>

Rossignol Decoy 157 MSRP: $429.99

<strong>UA Hooper <br/> MSRP: $239.00</strong>

UA Hooper MSRP: $239.00

<strong>UA Lewis <br/> MSRP: $274.99</strong>

UA Lewis MSRP: $274.99

<strong>Gordini Sprock <br/> MSRP: $85.00</strong>

Gordini Sprock MSRP: $85.00

<strong>Dakine Stingray <br/> MSRP: $95.00 </strong>

Dakine Stingray MSRP: $95.00