Want to win a free session this summer to High Cascade Snowboard Camp? 

Submit a photo of a CELTEK logo drawn on your hand while doing something awesome. Make sure you get really creative, but don’t hurt your self doing it…..you want to be able to ride if you win the session, don’t you? You can post up to 10 photos to the contest. Submit your photo here. Make sure you share your photos with all your friends and family. The winner will be picked by CELTEK based on creativity & awesomeness on June 16th. This means that you only have 10 days to enter so you better get the creative juices flowing. We will post the winner of the FREE session to our website www.celtek.com.

Not only can you win a free session by posting a photo (winner picked by Celtek), but if you get your friends & family to vote on your photo and you receive the most votes, you could win a Celtek prize package. Every entry can be voted on once a day. The Celtek prize package includes two pairs of gloves, two facemasks, two beanies, and a Celtek Collab Pro-tec Helmet.

Get cranking and we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Click here to enter.