Last April, Snowboy Production’s Krush Kulesza collaborated with the cat driving and rake-wielding masters of Mammoth Unbound to unleash a myriad of berms, pockets, corners, bowls, and boobs, transforming Mammoth’s South Park into a veritable snow playground for seven days for the 2016 edition of Holy Bowly. A horde of snowboarders descended on the ocean of terrain, including Salt Lake’s Lick the Cat, a band of individuals who consistently push through the boundaries of traditional park setups, which meant that this stream-of-consciousness-style layout was perfect for their easy riding. Blake Paul, Sam Taxwood, Griffin Siebert, Zak Hale, along with Bryan Fox, Freddy Perry and more friends spent the week navigating the glut of possible lines found within the layout and while LTC have always been smooth, few types of terrain show their natural inclination for side hits and unique lines more than the one created by Krush, TJ, and company