Words & Photos: Matt Gormley

The upscale boutique evo hosted yet another extravaganza Friday night in Seattle, premiering the video How the Northwest was One from Wildcard films. The evo team linked up with mad scientists from Spacecraft and a crew from Stevens Pass to throw yet another top-notch preseason bash. The Senate Arcade played live and Pyramid Brewery served up cold suds. What more could you want?

The Spacecraft art installation outside evo bled into the gallery that included sculpture, paintings and stickers galore. Stevens Pass forked out free lift tickets at the door, teasing riders with reports of fresh snow on the hill and The Senate Arcade strummed, hummed and drummed before the flick. The lights dimmed… It was on.

The video opens with a fantastic Kayne West spoof and a heartfelt tribute in memory of Sean "Donkey" Mansfield. Donkey's fate over the summer still stings in the hearts of his extended family of friends.

Wildcard lit up the screen with a literal wild card selection of riders. In a season with shrinking budgets and limited dollars, the crew created a collaborative and dynamic film using a "Stone Soup" approach. Manuel Diaz, Andy Stern and Joe Bosler all offer breakout video parts. Veteran rippers Tim Carlson and Kurt Jenson continue to tear the Cascades year after year. Nitro ruler Shaun McKay stole the show with his epic all mountain assault. The result is a flick worth way more than the sum of its parts.

The standing room only crowd obviously dug the flick. As Joe Bosler closes out the film with a stomped double cork 900 to fakie, the room is silent for a second before erupting into applause. Great place to end it. Nice work Wild Card.