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Recap & Captions: Pat Bridges
Photos: Laura Austin

Eastern Boarder has done more to support New England snowboarding than anyone or anything. Seriously. They've been selling wares which they self-describe as "Evil Shit" since the mid 90's and in that time they have turned on, tuned up and been down with too many riders to count. On March 16th Eastern Boarder and Loon Mountain, NH held the 15th annual Last Call and if you know the old adage "14 is legal in 15 states" then you know this would be a Last Call for the ages.

Wonder what happened to the old Hampshire that they had to get a new one. Furthermore does New Hampshire ever get nervous about being replaced again? After all it has happened at least once before so a precedent has been set. R: John Murphy

Light snowfall and heavy slush didn't deter the hundred or so competitors from riding up to form. It was one of those days where doing was better than watching so we skipped the vicarious delights of being a spectator for the tangible thrills of actually shredding. With the park setup Loon has it'd be a shame not to get some for at least a few laps. The result of this initiative is a story with no results or details. Some may view this as an excuse and well, you get what you pay for and this site is free. You want details? Go to the newsstand and buy our magazine or go to next year’s Last Call. At least we aren't cutting and pasting a press release like other websites or straight up stealing a story from someone else. Just watch. This writeup and these photos will still end up on a dozen other websites. Some aren't even snowboarding sites or even in English.

Check out our video from Last Call 2011

For the last few years people have been talking about how they miss the Old Man Of The Mountain in New Hampshire. We don't get it because we hung out with Eastern Boarders Andy Bubnowitcz all day at Last Call. R: Sage Kotsenberg

Last Call 2011 13

Seems like all the photos you see today are processed. Kinda makes one nostalgic for the days of free range and organic photos. R: Peetu Piiroinan

Initially we thought there was a bit of dandruff on this dudes sweatshirt but upon further inspection it is actually snow. R: Bobby Brown

Grooming is crucial whether it is a perfectly shaved lip or an aesthetically appealing landing strip.

This jacket is cool and all, but imagine how big a jacket would have to be to celebrate all of the Harlem Globe Trotters Championships! R: Andrew Mutty

We are still stoked on the grooming caption up above. R: Danny Kass

Last Call 2011 70 mens podium

Merrick Joyce just doesn't ever look stoked.

Last Call Men’s Results
1- $1500 Merrick Joyce
2- $1000 Mike Ravelson
3- $500 Zack Normandin

We are trying to figure out if the lineart on the winners sweatshirt is of Natas Kaupas's Jim Phillips graphic from the 80's. Maybe the photographer who shot this knows. Natas used to be her boss we think.

Last Call Women’s Results
1- $800 Michaela Aaronson
2- $400 Jordan Parks
3- $200 Mary Rand