Mark McMorris and Ståle Sandbech had a pretty good weekend at Dew Tour in Breckenridge a few days ago, so they decided a few hot laps at Bear Mountain were in order. While concentration and focus are paramount to successful competition runs, letting loose while lapping with the crew is the best way to stretch those legs after time spent standing on the podium. For the ninth day of GoPro’s “12 Days of Christmas”, enjoy Mark and Ståle’s edit, then go to SNOWBOARDER's Facebook page to sign up for our “12 Days Of Christmas” giveaway, where we will be gifting a new board at 5pm PST every day until the 24th of December. Enter once, and you have a chance to win every day. On Christmas Day, we'll be holding a bonus giveaway of several Woodward Tahoe Camp scholarships. Today we are doubling the holiday cheer with two prizes, a Burton board and a Rome board. Two chances to win today at 5pm PST.

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