177 Methods at Pat Moore’s Method-Ology at Brighton Resort—Photos

Alex Lockwood laying one out. p: E-Stone
Same first name, different last. Alex Rodway. p: E-Stone
Austin Lamoreaux was at Dew Tour but left so he could score high with a proper method. p: E-Stone
The award show. p: E-Stone
The awards. p: E-Stone
The best trick winners... and Pat Moore. p: E-Stone
Ted Boreland dropping in. p: E-Stone
No methods were harmed in the making of this picture. p: E-Stone
Chris Beresford on course. p: E-Stone
Cody Lee will show you his if you show him yours. p: E-Stone
The top Grom in the field. p: E-Stone
Hunter Butler serving the people. p: E-Stone
Two Butlers is better than one. Hunter Butler. p: E-Stone
There were over 177 people throwing Methods at Brighton this past weekend. p: E-Stone
Jaromie the Homie rips. p: E-Stone
Matty Mo has got a method of his own. p: E-Stone
Two guys and a stone, what a cliche. p: E-Stone
Mike Rav is a master turner. p: E-Stone
Method if it pops, method if it drops. Mike Rav. p: E-Stone
The Men's Open podium. p: E-Stone
The Women's Open podium. p: E-Stone
Tate Cronk minding the whoops. p: E-Stone
Ted Borland is good at snowboarding. p: E-Stone
Check the technique. Willie Nevins. p: E-Stone

Words and photos: E-Stone

Last weekend at Brighton Resort in Utah, Pat Moore brought us what will hopefully be the first of many events by the name Method-Ology. Adding his own twist to a traditional timed banked slalom event he put a hip at the bottom of the course where competitors were judged on their methods. A perfect method would knock 5 seconds off your time giving those with style and method skills a chance to catch up with a faster rider who might not have a solid method in their bag of tricks. Methods were rated from 1-5 with one knocking one second off your timing and so on up to a perfect 5 giving you a 5 second advantage. Black out off the lip and do a different trick and you would get a zero!

The greatest part of Pat's Method-Ology: It's a fundraiser. Pat has reached a point in his career where he wants to give back to the community by doing what he can to better local scenes. With backcountry being so accessible at Brighton, he saw the need for a beacon training park and avalanche awareness center. With a career like Pat's come's world class sponsors, and he has positioned himself with brands that are down to support him on a deeper level beyond a paycheck every month and some gear. Volcom stepped up as the title sponsor and kicked down for half of the beacon park while Vans and Electric covered the balance. Entry fees from 177 participants in the event, combined with raffle ticket purchases, raised over $7000 that helped cover costs, with leftover cash going toward a backcountry awareness class offered to entrants of the contest and taught by world-class avalanche safety guides once the beacon training park is installed at Brighton.


By the smiles on the 177 Method-Ologists, the event's success was obvious. After the timed event, Pat hosted a best trick contest, and riders went mental on the hip. Energy levels were high as the session progressed with moves you'd never expect on a small hard-packed hip. It was incredible to see the Brighton snowboard community brought together for such a positive fundraiser event.

After the contest, the crew convened at the lodge at the bottom of the Milly lift, where Pat had a grip of prizes ready to give the winners of the contest as well as the raffle. Tons of snowboard gear from Volcom, Electric, Vans, Airhole, Milo, Arva, Crab Grab, Wolfgang, GoPro, PBR, and printed photos from Aaron Blatt, SKS. One lucky person even walked with a new Traeger Grill. As the awards ceremony came to a close, many in attendance personally thanked Pat for hosting the event, and it was easy to tell how much this meant to him—all the stress of organizing the event worth it. I spoke with Pat this week, and he said what an amazing feeling it was on Monday morning when he called BCA to purchase the beacon training park system to have it shipped to Brighton Resort. Next stop for Method-Ology is Loon later this year raising money for a skatepark. Keep up the good work, Pat.

Learn more on the Method-Ology Instagram @method_ology. More from SNOWBOARDER Magazine here! Results below.


Grom Boys

1. Wyatt Blake
2. Andrew Bos
3. Eilas Garcia

Gentlemen 35+
1. Ben Trujillo
2. Chris Croft
3. Justin White

Women's Open
1. Hailee Mattingley
2. Taelor Mattingley
3. Katie Kennedy

Men's Open
1. Alex Rodway
2. Austin Lamoreaux
3. Cody Lee
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