Words: Mike Yoshida
Photos: Tom Greenhill, James Sweet, Aaron Schwartz

Growing up skateboarding and snowboarding, the one continuum that I observed about people who are sideways sliding enthusiasts is their affinity for arts and crafts. Many shredders are known for their off-hill talents, and the list of artisans runs deep through the generations of snowboarders, think Bryan Iguchi, Corey Smith, Forest Bailey, Mike Parillo, Desiree Melancon, or Adam Haynes.

Jamie Lynn and Schoph next to one of their recent collab pieces.

Through all the creative material being forged on the daily, Jamie Lynn has always struck a chord as having one of the most recognizable styles in the game. With decades of pro model gear, from Lib Tech to Dragon and Vans, it's not doubt he is one of the most visible and famed shredder/artists in the snow world. There are very few categories of snowboard utensils that Jamie's classic bubble and wave graphic haven't adorned.

Recently Jamie has teamed up with the legendary artist Schoph. A polarizing figure in the snow and skate scene as well, Schoph has a distinct style that compliments Jamie's as they go back and forth trading strokes on massive canvases. The two are equal parts creative as they are elusive and mystifying, and seem to be an absolutely unstoppable force with their art work, always creating and always pushing forward. Together they are 1910, and here is what they have to say about their newest endeavor, creating side by side.- Yosh

So people in the snow industry are very familiar with Jamie Lynn and his snowboarding/art work, but give us a little run down of how you (Schoph) got into the art scene and the snow/skate industry?

Schoph started riding dryslope in the UK at 12, paying his dues on plastic. Fast forward a few years later, moving out to Tignes in the French Alps, hook ups and sponsors kept him traveling and building relationships with brands he snowboarded for. Fast forward 10 years to concentrate more on his art and becoming an artist for a living, he used the brands he’d built relationships with in the industry: Vans, Volcom, Lib Tech and Dragon.

Schoph painting a different kind of line in Laax.

How long have you two been collaborating? Where and when did you guys meet?

Touring in Europe. Jamie's band Kandi Coded were touring in Europe back in 2005 and at the same time Schoph was the tour manager on the Dalikfodda Shithouse Tour. Kandi Coded jumped on board with the tour in Laand, Zurich. The collaborating began when Schoph was up in Seattle 4 or 5 years back for Lib Tech, curating the first Human Nature show.

Just the beginning, we can’t wait to see what these two produce for 1910.

Both of your styles compliment one another very well, describe to us the starting point of the creative process.  Does Schoph or Jamie lead, or is it more of a spontaneous back and forth system? 

The communication we have before we start a piece usually sets the stage for the path and direction that we take, Schoph usually sets the anchors of the piece in there first and then I come in to work around the main aspects / fixed images to complete the composition.

Moving on to the new official project.  What is 9teenten? 

The collaborative work of myself and Jamie. The past few years have been busy, collaborating together on many an Art piece, mural or show. So we gave it a titl. 1910 has the opportunity to be nothing and everything at once, a show case for creativity, not only us, but friends that wanna be a part of it with us, it goes back to having the opportunity to share the good times we’ve been having through providing our artistic endeavours, and as a vehicle to get that out there to like minded individuals.

As soon as we hear about their next art show, we will tell you.

What is your mission statement? 

1910 is to share and gather up as many good times as possible… and to share that with the world.

What is the meaning behind the name? 

1910 is the first initial of our names with the numerical sequence of how its placed in the alphabet. Zeus pounded 19 Guinness and shit out 10 perfectly egg shaped hash balls…

The Guinness and the smoke in London.

I see you guys have done some amazing commissions with Volcom and Vans, are there any other brands that you are working with? 

Lib tech has been a long standing benefactor for years now in supporting both of us as artists, elsewhere within the snow industry we've worked with Pow gloves, James Brand, and Dragon to name a few. Outside the community we're apart of, there's been opportunity as well.  We're only limited by our own imagination and we wouldn't want to see ourselves pigeon holed into just one genre… Zero fucks given, on call 24/7.

Describe to our readers the parallels between snowboarding/skateboarding and art? 

All are forms of individual creative self-expression.

Can you see the zero fucks given? We can’t seem to find it.

What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?

Schoph brings the Guinness, Jamie brings the smoke.

Is there a piece that you are most proud of to date, and why?

There's standouts, each time we develop a dialogue that becomes a language that we understand between each other, and taking bits from previous works we've done, makes it easier to build compositions in the future.

Do you think they share dinners as well?

Can we expect to see shows popping up, and will there be any merch available?

Down the line for sure, with an open mind and an open schedule for any opportunity that could come up in the future.

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