2010 Ms Superpark 6: Day 3 at Snow Summit

Photos: Espen Lystad
Words: Jenna Klein

With the week winding down and the party nearing an end, the 3rd day of 2010 Ms Superpark presented by Gatorade at Snow Summit saw a little more contemplation prior to hitting a feature. With so many girls nailing their shots early on, it was time to get creative, or at least a little weird. Rumor had it after playing a little tranny finding game on the side of the channel gap, Colleen Quigley dropped her drawers and subsequently put down some sweet roast beef’s directly after. While all you pervs are praying for photographic proof, I can't be sure any shots of this magnificent moment were taken. Also getting down on the channel was Leanne Pelosi, young Canadian sweet heart Brooke Voigt and Hana Beaman.

As ladies entertained themselves towards the bottom of the set-up, the hip saw a lot more action from Spencer O'Brien, Kjersti Buaas, Bryn Valaika and Kumara Kelly. Kumara, who had been previously sending it all the way over the hip fell victim to low light and firm conditions, basically breaking her ass in pursuit of a backside 180. I'd like to call this a fully unfortunate event, however the men who luckily got to examine her backside after the incident didn't sound so upset. We wish her the best of healing and pray she doesn't have a 20 hour drive to get back home. Killing the hip in her own right was Norway's Buaas, who's alley-oop front 3's sent chills down the spines of men everywhere who's tricks don't look nearly as good as hers.

With the day coming to a close, the Snow Summit park staff came out of the darkness with chainsaws, lights and rakes in hand to fix whatever ailed the features. Standout performer of the night was undoubtedly Darrah Reid-McLean, whose switch back 5's resembled that of a 12-year-old Swedish boy visiting from the far country. And yes, it was grabbed. Riding late into the night once again with snowmobile assist from the exceptionally kind park staff, look for photos and video to surface from today's session at 2010 Ms Superpark 6 presented by Gatorade at Snow Summit soon.