Photos: Daniel Blom
Words: T-Bird
Captions: Pat Bridges

For the second day in a row at the Superpark 14 presented by Gatorade hosted by Mammoth, the Loon jump was the centerpiece feature for one insane day on-hill at Mammoth. Though the jump remained the same, there were some new additions to the roster. It seems that Cinco De Mayo celebrations the night prior prevented some of the DC team from sessioning the jump, but all hangovers pass, and when Halldor Helgason and Jonas Carlson were feeling back at about 90 percent, they pointed it at the monster and put down some of the heaviest tricks of the day. Teammate Lonnie Kauk came back for a second day and picked apart the colossal kicker with every variation of spin you could possibly imagine. Newcomer Mark McMorris set a few tricks down himself while Jeremy Thompson came back to prove that once just wouldn’t cut it. One of the more impressive riders of the day on the Loon jump was Kyle Mack. Not necessarily because he’s insanely good at snowboarding, but mainly because he weighs a little more than a wet beach towel and he was spinning over a jump that was 1,000 times his size. Chas Guldemond took it to the feature well into the early evening with the small crew and landed his now (almost) patented backside 12. Parker Duke stepped into the session and capped off his day with a huge front ten. In other news, Marc Swoboda might have the best style in snowboarding. Just sayin…

Sunny skies and little wind opened Superpark up to longer-than-normal shoots, and the photographers, filmers and riders were on the setup well into the evening hours. Hell, they might still be up there as I type this. As for us though, we’re heading in to town for the Superpark Wrap Party in the village. Tomorrow will cap off 14 years of Superpark, and you can read all about it in our January issue, on newsstands right around Christmas. Keep an eye out for more photos, videos and behind-the-scenes footage from Superpark 14, only on snowboardermag.com.

-Tom Monterosso