What do Scott Stevens, Chris Bradshaw, Megan Ginter, and Austin Hironaka have in common? Superpass stardom. Each one these riders and many more once graced the proving grounds that is the Superpass and found themselves emerging victorious and earning all access to SNOWBOARDER Magazine's marquee Superpark event. In 2012, the Superpass Series returns to a resort near you.

Now in its sixteenth year, SNOWBOARDER's Superpark brings the top park riders in the world together on one slope to test their limits on cutting-edge terrain crafted by the best snowcat drivers on earth. Receiving an invite to partake in this prestigious session is no small task. With the Superpass Superpark Qualifying Series, SNOWBOARDER sets out to create a gateway to greatness by allowing one rider from each stop to earn a spot at Superpark.

Each Superpass event is only open to the first fifty registered riders. Once your name makes it onto the start list you have three runs on the three jump course to throw down your best tricks and impress the SNOWBOARDER Magazine staff who will be judging on-site.

The first stop of the Superpass series will be this Sunday, January 22, at Mountain High, CA. Please see event info below, and check out other stop information at the 2012 Superpass main post.

9:00am – 10:00am Registration
11:00pm – 2:00pm Contest
3:00pm Awards Presentation
Mtn. High Registration Location: Big Pine, West Resort
Mtn. High Course Location: The Wedge
Mtn. High Awards Location: Main Sage
Mt. High, CA