words and photos: Kyle Beckmann

One really cool thing happening in the snowboard industry is rider driven contests. Brad Farmer, Ian Sams and Eli Weiner set out to create a legit rider driven event that focused on proper technical tricks and style and in which there would be one undisputed winner that no one could question, and the result was Arbor FACE/OFF. On Saturday April 6th, 2013 at Woodward Tahoe at Boreal Mountain, the final stop of the FACE/OFF series went down, which included events at Seven Springs, PA; Cranmore, NH; and Trollhaugen, WI. After a fifteen minute jam session, judges Nick Visconti, Sammy Spiteri, Erik Leon, and Brent Oftedal met up and discussed who would advance to the one-on-one bracket.

Split up onto single features with a ref/judge deliberating whether the trick counted or not, riders battled head-to-head, calling tricks before dropping and hoping the other rider didn't have it in their bag of tricks. Just about every combination of tricks was called and stomped: hardway, easy way, switch, nollie. And just like playing SKATE, a last letter failure got a rebate. The final heat between Jeremy "Lemi" Landy and Colton Morgan went a good fifteen to twenty tricks deep, with Colton edging out the win and $600 in cold, hard cash, and a bunch of gear provided by event sponsors, Arbor, Flux, 686, Sandbox Helmets, Hoven, Wrong Gear and WEND wax.



1.)  Colton Morgan
2.)  Jeremy "Lemi" Landy
3.)  Jordan Welter


1.)  Naima Antolin
2.)  Sunny Beard
3.)  Katie Barrett


Grom Standout:
Caleb Bonneville