Photos: Mark Clavin and T.Bird
Words: Mark Clavin

Precipitation fell in the days leading up to the L.A. Air + Style event… and not the kind needed. After some serious winds and ample amounts of rainfall, the clowds lifted and the ramp and riders seemed unaffected upon first drop early Saturday for practice. A few huge methods, countless triple cork 1440s, and some stylish switch nose cab 1260s from Nik Baden confirmed the field of 32 was ready!

Qualifiers on Saturday night was one of the heaviest big air sessions to date! The crowd bounced back and forth from watching the riders and the music acts on neighboring stages while the rain held off for the show. Mark McMorris, Marcus Kleveland, Seb Toots, and Sebbe De Buck were determined to give the people what they wanted. We can’t say for certain how many in the crowd have seen snowboarding live before in Downtown L.A., but the dress code was much less “base of the hill”, and much more “by the bass at Bonnaroo”. Either way, each rider had two runs to put down their best to crack the top 16 and the mix of high powered lights illuminated what looked to be a very well entertained crowd.

When all was said and done of the first night of qualifiers, Yuki Kadono sat at the top! After putting down two clean runs and sticking his tongue out for the crowd, people were hyped!

Full Results from Advancing Qualifiers:

1. Yuki Kadono
2. Seb Toots
3. Seppe Smits
4. Sven Thorgren
5. Kalle Jaervilehto
6. Chris Corning
7. Marcus Kleveland
8. Mark McMorris
9. Max Parrot
10. Jonas Boesiger
11. Antoine Truchon
12. Nikolas Baden
13. Keita Inamura
14. Torgeir Bergrem
15. Michael Ciccarelli
16. Sebbe De Buck

Under the watchful glow of the Olympic rings on the L.A. Memorial Coliseum, less than a football field away from the big air ramp, Sunday brought the semi finals, finals, and a little bit of rain. But fear not, the Bear Mountain and Mammoth Unbound crew kept the drop and landing in pristine shape for the 16 man roster using the USC Trojan’s locker rooms as a quiet place to relax and sleep in their board bags before riding.

The field was cut down to eight after each rider took three runs, combining their best two for scoring. The rain stopped as quickly as it started and Max Parrot put down a backside triple cork 1440 and cab 1620 to gain the top spot from semis, with Sven Thorgren close behind, fueled by a cab 1260 roast beef. Mark McMorris and Marcus Kleveland kept their podium hopes alive as well by staying in the top eight and advancing to the next round.

Musical artist YG took the stage, screamed some expletives at the sitting President (the song is pretty catchy), and then invited Migos, recently in the news after the Golden Globe shout out from Donald Glover, to perform and share the spotlight with. After the crowd calmed down from the surprise guest, the stage was set for finals!

The start list featured the big names of McMorris, Kleveland, Toutant, Bergrem, Smits, Parrot, Corning, and Thorgren! Shaun White looked upon his event from the base and hyped the crowd up. As the riders started to drop, the drama grew! Everyone had three attempts to put down their best two runs, so their wasn’t much room for error. The snow settled and the top three were crowned after a mix of triple corks and impressive grabs were completed.

Your top three for the L.A. stop of the 2017 Air + Style Tour are as followed:

1. Max Parrot
2. Seppe Smits
3. Marcus Kleveland

Since it was also the final stop of the 2017 Air + Style, the overall champ was named as well!

Overall Tour Standing:

1. Marcus Kleveland
2. Seb Toots
3. Max Parrot

Congrats to all involved! See you guys next year!

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