The 2017 Winter Dew Tour has come and gone, and results and photos are in to prove it. Changes in weather, riders, course layout and start times throughout the week made for one hell of a whirlwind, but it was most definitely a success on all accounts. We dropped videos in realtime last weekend to keep you up to date with the rankings and results, and now we have a pretty big bank of photos to go along with it. Enjoy the gallery and check back for more coverage from the 2018 Olympic qualifying circuit soon!

Brock Crouch. p: Mark Clavin

The young stars of the U.S. Slopestyle squad including Red Gerard, Brock Crouch, Julia Marino, Judd Henkes, Chandler Hunt, Hailey Langland, Brandon Davis and more showed up to for two days of practice under the sun. As qualifiers got on their way on the third day, flat light and cloudy skies rolled in and made it difficult for many riders to put down runs. That being said, the riders seemed stoked as they dropped in and the course flow was reported as top notch. Made up of three rail sections and four jumps staggered down the run, the 2017 Winter Dew Tour course might have been the largest that most of these riders have faced in the past few years, but the slew of slope superstars like Mark McMorris, Silje Norendal, Jamie Anderson, Anna Gasser, Sebbe De Buck, Marcus Kleveland all seemed to figure it out. When the sun shone through on finals day, Max Parrot and Spencer O’Brien ended up on top. Check out their winning runs here!

Chloe Kim. p: Mark Clavin

Over on the pipe side of things, Danny Davis, Maddie Mastro, Ayumu Hirano, Iouri Podlatchikov, Scotty James, and Ben and Gabe Ferguson traded runs and heights under the sun for the days leading up to qualifiers as well. But as the judges sat down to start scoring, snow started falling and the qualifying runs were conducted under heavy snowfall. Notable names like Shaun White, Toby Miller, Louie Vito and Taku Hiraoka failed to put down full runs to qualify for finals. Chloe Kim and Kelly Clark kept their dominance in Colorado alive with a one-two finish in finals, resulting in Chloe mathematically clinching a spot on the U.S. roster for the 2018 Winter Olympics, as well as a good push for Clark to make the team again. On the men’s side, the Olympic pipe team picture got a bit muddier with young Colorado local Jake Pates shaking up the race for PyeongChang with a first place finish over heavy favorites Danny Davis and Ben Ferguson. Australian ripper, and this year’s Blackboard Experiment tester, Scotty James bounced back from a low finish at the Copper Grand Prix to find himself splitting the podium at the 2017 Dew Tour in second place. Expect to see most of these names come Febraury in South Korea, and check out their winning runs to watch out for here!

Ozzy Henning. p: Mark Clavin

And that brings us to the final day in Breckenridge. The last day of the Winter Dew Tour is unique competition where the stress levels drop and the Olympic implications are thrown out the window. The 2017 Team Challenge consists of six teams made up of board sponsors and their riders, and this year went off without a hitch. If you haven’t seen any of the coverage, the basic format is each team consists of three riders that compete in separate disciplines for a combined score. Consisting of a modified pipe, slopestyle jibs, and jumps, Rome, Burton, DC, Nitro, Salomon, and Ride all tapped their team riders for a bit of fun and a chance to walk home with some hardware. The crowds packed in and everyone’s favorite new ripper, Rene Rinnekangas from team Rome, got the day underway with exactly what we all needed, a creative line in the pipe that we have never seen in competition. Followed up by the style and power of Danny Davis, the team challenge was a string of highlights from beginning to end. Not seen in the contest scene too often anymore, Ozzy Henning and Jesse Paul showed up to show out on the rails for their respective board sponsors, and Henning even flipped off of the rail. Rome took home the top spot at the end of the day, followed by Burton (with the help of Red Gerard, Mark McMorris, and Danny Davis) and Nitro (with the help of Marcus Kleveland, Marcus Kleveland, and Jan Scherrer).

Thanks to Dew Tour for having us out, and we can’t wait to do it all again next year! Check out more coverage and winning runs from this years Winter Dew Tour here!