2018 Adidas Das Tables Stop 2—Eldora Mountain

Legendary follow cam from Pat A who was on the cover of the Snowboarder Magazine 2001 Rider Of The Year issue! Matt Robinson & Pat Abramson. p: Jeff Baker

2018 Adidas Das Tables Stop 2—Eldora Mountain

words: Pat Bridges    photos: Jeff Baker

The simple and accessible nature of picnic tables has made them a ubiquitous fixture of lo-fi freestyle snowboarding progression ever since they first appeared onscreen in Mack Dawg's seminal 1991 release Pocahontas. In this straight to VHS classic Summit County, Colorado local Jon Biacchi inadvertently created a ubiquitous terrain park accoutrement by using an abandoned picnic table as a setup platform for an ollie to front board down a wooden railing. More than a quarter of a century later Adidas Snowboarding, Satellite Boardshop and Snowboarder Magazine paid tribute to this pedigree by bringing Das Tables back to Colorado. The second stop of the 2018 Adidas Das Tables Series took place on Saturday January 20 at Eldora Mountain Resort, located on the front range of the Colorado Rockies. 

For the uninitiated the mission of the Adidas Das Tables is to create a fun jam format contest that allows riders to session two seemingly simple tables however they feel best represents their own individual style. Kyle Markman and his Woodward Eldora terrain park team were given free reign to create the venue. The morning "Straight Line" session featured two tables in a line while for the afternoon "Turn It Up" portion, Kyle and his crew placed the tables in an up/down fashion with a butter pad of snow splitting the tables.


Eighty riders made their way to Eldora to partake in Das Tables with hopes of taking home a piece of the $3000 prize purse with Raul Pinto and JG Mazzotta of Boulder's Satellite Boardshop handling the judging duties. The event started off with the hour-long "Straight Line" session which saw dozens of loose limbed one-foot action prompting bounty tricks like Benihana's and Ollie North's to be thrown down for free Adidas gear. In case you are wondering what the bounty tricks are all about, periodically during the day judges or announcers will grab some free gear and put it up as a prize for certain tricks be them technical, steezy, random or absurd. Oftentimes these bounty tricks result in ultimate glory or hilarious failure.

With the "Straight Line" payout going to the top three riders in the session the ante was continuously upped. One of the youngest competitors, Eazy Goebel, battled shuvits off the table while Kyle Roles found his own wide line on the dual table setup. Then there was Mammoth's Ron Forth who brought his agro style with one-footers, various flips and multi degree spins. Other riders like Aaron Golbeck and Colin Walters opted to blend airtime with their jibbing with impressive bonk spins. Ultimately though 3rd place for the morning event would go to Steven Lauder. Nightmare team rider Josh Carreola banked on style and subdued technicality to score 2nd. If there was an overall award for consistency throughout both sessions Remy Stern would have easily scored that award, but unfortunately in lieu of an umbrella title he would settle for 1st in the am "Straight Line" portion. 

With the tables slanted for the "Turn It Up" session riders were faced with a more compact and technical setup for the afternoon. For some the butter pad was an afterthought as they chose to gap from table to table. Oregon's Matt Robinson took the bounty for the 50-50-bs3-50-50 callout while Eazy once again battled a gnarly side hit 450 to bench blunt. Despite having over three hours of riding and hiking behind them, the riders were still strapping in ten deep when time was called on the "Turn It Up". With nearly ten ladies signing up the female field was a largest yet for a Das Tables. Oregon's Shaye Verbanac took top honors for the female division with solid switches and one-footers on both setups. Ron Forth earned 3rd for the "Turn It Up" with the prize money subsidized his road trip from Cali. Colorado young gun Justin Phipps’ consistency all day and uncommon approach earned him a well-deserved trip to the 2nd place rung on the "Turn It Up" podium. Taking the "W" for the "Turn It Up" portion was Josh Carreola's Nightmare teammate Sean Murphy. Murphy put edge to table, popped over the top, spun on and off and grabbed proper to earn 1st place for the "Turn It Up" field.

As the Das Tables tour moves to Hyland Hills, Minnesota for the next stop on February 3rd SNOWBOARDER and Adidas would like to thank the Eldora Resort Staff, Satellite Board Shop and all of the riders for making the Das Tables Colorado debut one for the books. 

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