2020 Snowboard Gear Preview: Anon’s M4 Goggle, Raider 3 Helmet, Sync Goggle and More

It's time to check out tomorrow's gear today with Snowboarders 2020 Vision New Product Preview. Snowboarder has worked with key snowboarding manufacturers to highlight some of the must see boots, bindings, boards, outerwear, goggles and accessories arriving in stores next fall.

Innovation in helmet and goggle design is a hallmark of the Anon brand and their 2020 line arriving in stores next Fall is no exception.

Complete with the Outlast® Fog Management Face Fleece.

M4 Goggle

This is the goggle that started it all, and for 2020, the M4 is better than ever. With Magna-Tech® Quick Lens Change Technology, swapping out lenses has never been easier, and as the light changes, the M4 allows you to adapt and be one step ahead of anything Mother Nature provides. When the wind kicks up or the temps dip below zero, this goggle also comes with MFI (Magnetic Facemask Integration) that utilizes the magnets to allow you to connect a facemask to the M4, and if you worry about using a facemask because of fogging issues, worry no more, because the M4 has built-in Full Perimeter Channel Venting and an Outlast® Fog Management Face Fleece to keep you moisture and fog free on even the coldest or wettest of days.
MSRP: $299.95

Making safety a no-brainer.

Raider 3 Helmet

There's no denying that your brain is the most important body part, so investing in it is a pretty safe bet, and that's why Anon's Raider Helmet should most definitely be on your mind when considering a helmet purchase. With an Auto-Adjust-Fit-System in place, the Raider is as comfortable as it is safe and the mix of Passive Ventilation lets just enough air in so as not to make you cold but allow the helmet to breathe while a fleece liner on the ear pads ensures your warmth all day. It's lightweight and affordable too, so when considering your next helmet purchase, the Anon Raider is a no-brainer.

Super lightweight with no sacrifice in terms of durability and safety.

Greta 3 Helmet

The Greta 3 has a women's specific design, ensuring that the fit is equal to the function, and on top of that, it comes with Anon's Auto-Adjust-Fit-System as well. At 595 grams, it's super lightweight but sacrifices nothing in terms of durability and safety, as proven by the Endura-Shell construction, and the Greta 3 is also Audio Accessory Compatible so you can listen to your favorite playlist while lapping or sitting on the chair. Also of note is that these helmets are designed to fit perfectly with Anon's goggle line, so if you're on the fence about a helmet or goggle after buying one of the other, drop in on both, knowing that they work together seamlessly.

Complete with SONAR lens by the world-renowned Zeiss optical technology.

Sync Goggle

A few years back, Anon changed the goggle game by incorporating magnetic goggle lens changing technology and to this day, they're still leading the charge when it comes to goggle innovation and progression. The 2020 Sync goggle comes with a bonus lens as well as a micro fiber goggle bag for wiping away unwanted snow and moisture and the built in ICT (Integral Clarity Technology) makes sure that your vision is always—ahem—20/20 while looking through the SONAR lens by the world-renowned Zeiss optical technology, making this unisex-fit goggle is one piece of gear that should clearly be part of your getup for next winter.
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