2020 Vision Snowboard Gear Preview: Rome’s New Board Model and More

It's time to check out tomorrow's gear today with Snowboarders 2020 Vision New Product Preview. Snowboarder has worked with key snowboarding manufacturers to highlight some of the must see boots, bindings, boards, outerwear, goggles and accessories arriving in stores next fall. Up next, ROME!

Not available on the black market.

Black Label Binding

Everyone’s riding is custom to their style, so why aren’t their bindings? Rome set out to solve the problem with the Black Label. The AsymWrap platform allows for a powerful transfer from heel-to-toe without surrendering the surfy feel we all love about snowboarding. Complete with the Ultralight Ankle Strap, AuxGrip Toe Strap, the first ever thermoplastic glass fiber composite highback, and Rome’s most responsive baseplate to date… they aren’t lying when they say the Black Label is the future of connected comfort. Oh yeah, and the whole thing is tool-free. Not available on the black market yet, but will be available come next season!
MSRP: $549.99

traditional lacing system coupled with a BOA heel lock harness and a PowerStay strap.

Guide SRT Boot

The name says it all, really. The Rome Guide SRT boot was designed for the rider who craves exploration as much as they do progression. Featuring a traditional lacing system coupled with a BOA heel lock harness and a PowerStay strap to keep your feet snug in this boot, the Guide SRT also features an industry-leading Ultralon F.I.T. liner, which is Rome's plushest and most customizable liner system on offer. If you're the rider who wonders what lie just over the next knoll, ridge or peak, then the Guide SRT boot might just be the right fit for you.

The all-new All-mountain board boasts a directional twin shape.

Warden (New for 2020)

The Warden will help keep you under control on the hill…well, at least on your snowboard. Centered around Rome's famed Fusion Camber, which features rocker on the nose and tail with camber underfoot, the Warden is catered toward riders who are looking for a board dripping with tech for the right price. This all-mountain board boasts a directional twin shape with deep sidecut that locks you into turns, be them tight or at full speed and with dual bamboo stringers, she's snappy and strong but with a medium flex, this board is also forgiving. Don't keep your riding in the solitary confinements of one aspect of snowboarding. Ride the Warden.


It isn’t a secret, this AGENT rips.


YOU DIDN’T THINK THEY WERE GOING TO GET RID OF IT DID YOU? A favorite of Mr. Alek Oestreng and plenty more riders around the world, what hasn’t been said about the AGENT over it’s time in snowboarding. A true twin, through and through, the medium flex board can handle everything in it’s path. It isn’t a secret, it is the AGENT.

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