words: Aaron Blatt
photos: Mike Yoshida and Aaron Blatt

There's something about a race that is completely perfect; a concept that allows for an undisputed placement on the podium. There's no judging panel, no questions. There's a clock and a course, a start and a finish, and at the end of the day a winner without doubt.

The Baker Banked Slalom stands tall year after year as one of snowboarding's most prestigious events–the race of all races. From Coonhead to Terje, there's complete and utter respect for the contest from everyone who enters the iconic start booth, as they pass under the classically hair raising words etched above the doorway, "SAY YOUR PRAYERS". Firing out of the gate focused, riders were ready for what, during the 29th edition of the race, was a much longer course than in years past. Winding down from the top of Baker's Chair 8, the assortment of rights and lefts kept riders on their toes (and heels, I suppose) as they powered through the turns. After cruising through the finish line, top contenders had put in nearly two minutes of time muscling through the course.
At days end, Harry Kearney and Marie-France Roy were crowned champions, receiving the famed golden rolls of duct tape as their prize. The spirit of snowboarding is alive and well, and this past weekend the buzz on and around the Legendary Baker Banked Slalom racecourse was a true gauge of our community’s dedication to our sport.

View the full results of the 2014 LBBS.


Pro Men
First – Harry Kearney
Second – Sylvain Duclos
Third – Seth Wescott

Pro Women
First – Marie-France Roy
Second – Dominique Vallee
Third – Naoko Araki