On February 18th, the many fine individuals of the snowboarding community collected in Washington for the thirtieth anniversary of the Legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom were met with the white out conditions of a perfect Northwest storm system. For two days, riders of all ages and stripes careened down forty-three banked turns, battling low visibility and nuking snow. While conditions were challenging, everyone was rewarded with pow turns when the weren’t racing against the timer. On Saturday, the clouds parted and an epic Baker powder day unveiled itself. Everyone rejoiced, laps until their legs gave out, and the legends raced during the special thirtieth anniversary bonus qualifying day. Finals came around on Sunday and Mother Nature threw a tempest once again, but Mathie Crepel and Maelle Ricker were not deterred by the snow and took home the gold duct tape. Check out the full photos and recaps from day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4, and enjoy the video, which showcases just a few of the legendary individuals who were a part of this year’s epic LBS.