5 Things to Know Before Dating a Skier

Powder Magazine just threw up an article claiming “5 Things to Know Before Dating a Snowboarder: Accidents like this happen, but there are ways to work around it,” so we thought we would come up with a rebuttal. Here are some tips and tricks for getting along with that special skier in your life, and if it doesn’t work, just remind them that snowboarder Ester Ledecka beat the best in their whole sport for an Olympic gold medal earlier this year.

Don’t get jealous when they head to Deer Valley.

In the spirit of understanding, you just have to accept that your girlfriend is allowed to make turns in some places where you are not, specifically Deer Valley, Alta, and Mad River Glenn. When a powder day strikes and her friends invite her to Alta, don’t sweat that she’s getting face shots without you–just take your surfiest powder gun to a snowboarder-friendly mountain and rest assured that even though sometimes your s.o. needs to experience other things, it’s you they’re coming back to at night. Plus, do you really want to hang around with all her high-and-mighty friends, anyway?

We wonder how Sean Pettit feels about this shot of him and his X. p: Mike Yoshida

Don’t Let Dietary Restrictions Sacrifice a Cornucopia of Love.

They might be devouring pizzas and french fries on the way down the mountain, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Be a bit more adventurous when riding and dining with your significant other, whether that means busting out a melon, chicken salad, roast beef, or even the occasional Spaghetti, there is nothing a little homemade cooking can’t fix.

Be Kind When They Are Sharp.

It's just a fact, skiers have more of an edge. Does your partner bristle when you bring up Ester Ledecka? Is Lindsay Vonn's radio commentary a polarizing debate in your house? Does it feel like they carry their poles at all times just to poke your buttons? There's no need to feel like you're walking on eggshells around your significant other—they just have double the edges that you do. And while that tack-sharp metal helps them on hill, it can be a hassle in other aspects of your relationship. Just be patient, watch your hands, and always carry a file in case you need to smooth them over a bit.

Teach Them To Take In The Scenery.

Even if they don’t sit down to strap in (although it is an overlooked fact that experienced riders can strap in however they see fit), taking a moment at the top of each lift to enjoy the scenery and think about your line can enhance resort runs a hundred times over. I guess if we were on skis we would try to be done with the experience as fast as possible too, but maybe a bit of your enjoyment can rub off on your loved one’s time on hill.

In The End, They Might Surprise You.

Powder’s article ends with a cautious warning of falling into the enjoyment of snowboarding, and that warning comes with good reason. Some of the top skiers in the world are ripping snowboarders as well. In the past two months, Sean Pettit has posted more snowboarding clips than skiing clips on his own Instagram, and he seems pretty happy. In the end, your significant other might just end up coming around to your side of the cornice, and if not, at least you can get in between their legs easier.

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