The 48-hour online premiere of 686 Seconds is over but you can download the movie in its entirety on iTunes.

Last winter, as snow collected on the East Coast and abounded in Europe and Japan, the 686 team piled into cars, onto sleds and packed onto planes collecting shots for a team movie. As the early season of December turned into a January thaw, followed by freezing February temps, chatter spread throughout the veins of the snowboarding community that the 686 crews, scattered methodically around the globe, were stacking. By the time summer rolled around and footage was being cut into the film, there was a steady anticipation for 686 Seconds, a movie that not only was sure to showcase some heavy snowboarding, but also would serve as an well-timed introduction to the diverse, yet cohesive collection of riders that occupy the 686 roster

Last September, the SNOWBOARDER crew headed to Los Angeles to attend the manifest world premiere of 686 Seconds, a hearty offering of proper city riding as well as bountiful backcountry shots. Without a doubt, 686 Seconds lived up to and exceeded the momentum of hype that had been building around it. From Riley Nickerson's first drop to clips of a striking depth of backcountry riders, including Matt Belzile, Cam Pierce, Forrest Burki, Sammy Luebke, and a head-turning segment from French rider, Enzo Nilo, and rolling into plentiful hammers from Side Surfer John Murphy, Max Lyons, Mike Gray, Matt Wainhouse, Japanese powerhouse Atsushi Hasegawa (and many more), and ending with Ryan Tarbell's appropriate finale. We're not sure exactly the number of seconds 686's movie is actually made up of, but each and every one is worth watching. Now, as the 2016 season is off and running, we are stoked to partner with 686 to present the online premiere of 686 Seconds. Sit back and enjoy the riding of one of snowboarding’s most talented teams, because it’s the perfect time to witness what these guys put down last year and get real stoked for what they’re about to put down this winter.

686 Seconds is online in full for 48 hours and after that, we recommend purchasing the full movie on iTunes so you can watch whenever you want. Download 686 Seconds.