For the past ten years, celebrated member of the Bear Mountain contingency, Ryan Tarbell, has been wearing the numeric 686 logo while cruising and crushing the Southern California parks he calls home. Over the past decade, Tarbell has upheld that effortless Bear style, steadily increasing his bag of tricks and gaining momentum in the streets and beyond. Last year, Tarbell journeyed across North America in search of skate-inspired street lines, massive gaps, and gnarly redirects. He found plenty and lensman Ian Post was there to log the shots, culminating one of the heaviest segments in 686 team movie, 686 Seconds. To see exactly where Ryan’s part falls in the film, you’ll have to download 686 Seconds on iTunes, which is a good idea anyway, because Tarbell and his teammates have laid out some heat. But back to this Bear local, who, on the night of the world premiere of the film, was turned pro on the 686 team, a fitting ten-year anniversary celebration for a rider who is only just getting started. So sit back and enjoy Tarbell’s 686 Seconds full part. Watch for the redirect transfers, the proper lipslides, the style-heavy skate-esque lines and commanding ollies, as well as one of the gnarliest crashes we’ve ever witnessed. From start to finish, Ryan Tarbell has made his intentions clear, and there’s plenty more to come from this SoCal destroyer.

Download the full movie, 686 Seconds on iTunes. Watch 686 Seconds on Vimeo on Demand. And pick up the new 686 Tarbell Signature Hoody to stay warm as temps drop.