Like a disruptive tropical weather system in the south Pacific that foreshadows massive waves and potential coastal destruction, there has been a storm not-so-quietly forming over the past season, though this one is made up of more Tarbell than turbulence, more Hasegawa than hail, and more Geiger and Gray than gale force winds. During the past winter, the 686 team traversed the globe, logging clips in North America, Japan, and Europe, attacking street spots and big mountain lines with equal veracity. The cumulative velocity of the crew’s momentum has come to a head in the new 686 team movie, 686 Seconds. The cast is stacked with rail destroyers, airtime savants, and powder hounds: Riley Nickerson, Ryan Tarbell, Austin Young, Matt Wainhouse, Ian Hart, Shuhei Sato, John Murphy, Max Lyons, Mike Gray, Atsushi Hasegawa, Sebi Geiger, Matt Belzile, Forrest Burki, Enzo Nilo, Tor Lundstrom, Marco Feichtner, Sammy Luebke, Cam Pierce, and Forest Bailey. On October 6th, this storm touches down and 686 Seconds will be available on iTunes and Vimeo on Demand. Until then, stock up on canned goods and bottled water because this one is going to be good.

From 686:

Caution: Watching this may cause you to want to go snowboarding. 686 presents 36 minutes of snowboarding through the collective third eye of the youth – an experimentation of moving imagery pushing progression, set to auditory reverberations. Filmed in the streets and mountains of the USA, Canada, France, Austria, Russia and Japan by the 686 team.