Snowboy Productions’ Holy Bowly is a cathartic sigh of a relief for the collective crew that attends the event. For one week this past April, a few hundred talented turners congregated in Mammoth’s South Park, which had been transformed by Snowboy’s Krush Kulesza and the Unbound staff into a maze of transition: boobs, hips, nips, bowly, quarters, and more. The 686 crew pointed it to the Eastern Sierras with snowy transition on the brain and arrived at Mammoth eager to put their own spin on the expansive set up. Over the course of the week, the team lapped to their hearts’ content, sending it easy-style over the bumps and berms, oozing style, per usual. So sit back and enjoy as 686’s Ryan Tarbell, Riley Nickerson, Shuhei Sato, Matt Wainhouse, Drayden Gardner, Mateo Soltane and more find lines and flow through the magical Holy Bowly course.

Filmed and edited by Ian Post/Afterhours.