words and photos: Mike “Good Call” Yoshida

With winter storm warnings hitting many of our home mountains, the anticipation of that first powder day was really starting to make me itch to go riding. A week prior, I was watching the forecasts for weather in the Northwest and it was lining up to drop an ungodly amount of snow in the upcoming weekend in Washington.

Carl takes down a tasty pillow stack.

Due to the nature of its location, the magical Mt. Baker Ski Area seems to harbor quite a bit more snow than the rest of the state. Some call it the catchers mitt, where cold air and precipitation collide, and fall onto terrain that has been compared to a steep snowy skate park.

Nick scores a nice drop just out of bounds.

Last Tuesday the call was made to fire up the lifts for a Thursday opening, and I knew I had to be there. I quickly booked a ticket, and proceeded to rummage through my garage, dusting off the backcountry gear, and mounted up a new stick. Luckily I had all my ducks in a row, and we were good to go for a mini powder vacation.

These kitty's clean up the parking lot when it gets puked on.

Upon arriving at the hill there were a lot of familiar faces, and friends from Seattle, Vancouver and beyond had made the migration to farm the epic amounts of powder. My trusty riding partner and Mt. Baker legend Nick Ennen paired up to get the goods, and Baker sure did not disappoint. With a 70″ base up top, there was no shortage of pillows, drops and slashes!

If these trees could talk....