Absinthe has long been known for pushing the envelope when it comes to both the production company’s filmmaking and the technical, ballsy and explosive snowboarding by the cast of riders who sign on each year to step in front of the cameras, yet their new film, dropping September 2015 begs the exploration of that first drop that hooked us all, fueling the feeling that we all chase as soon as the snow falls. Enjoy the teaser, as Eversince will undoubtedly be stunning.

Featuring Bode Merrill, Austen Sweetin, Nicolas Mueller, Brandon Cocard, Frederik Kalbermatten, Ozzy Henning, Manuel Diaz, Scot Brown, Max Buri, Wolle Nyvelt, Jason Robinson, Garrett Warnick, Lucas Debari, Mat Schär, Keegan Valaika, and Cale Zima.