words and photos: Blatt

On Thursday night, Adidas unveiled a short film entitled "3:00 AM" at the White Owl Club in Portland, Oregon. Good friends came in from far and wide to sip Tecates and get a first look at the movie, starring Derek Lever, Alex Sherman, & Tommy Gesme. The film also contained interludes and appearances featuring Louif Paradis, Craig Cameron, Ben Bilodeau, Alex Tank, Ryosuke Horii, Masato Toda, Andy Pearson, Jacob Krugmire, and Benny Milam.
The flick, which was filmed and edited by Colton Feldman & Jake Durham had a stripped down look – chock full of analog clips and edits. The rugged feeling of the film showcased a good look at the Adidas Am team as a whole, moving through riders, trips, and some hefty spots with little titling.
The evening continued into the night with some giveaways, plentiful partying, and celebration of a job well done by all involved with 3:00 AM.