words, photos, and captions: Mark Clavin

While a picnic is defined as “an outing that involves taking a packed meal to be eaten outdoors“, the picnic table is defined as “an iconic jib feature that has been utilized in snowboarding since the beginning of time.” Look it up, there are no alternative facts here.

To pay tribute to the famous furniture, Adidas decided to plan a few simple, yet elegant outings where they bring the tables, but the rest is BYOB (Bring Your Own Board). And let us tell you, the first stop of the Adidas Das Tables tour had quite the spread.

Ranging in size, length and sturdiness—we are of course referring to the participants— cruisers of every creed arrived at Brighton Resort to session two fiberglass tables assembled by the wonderful crew at Milosport. The weather was rather picky, constantly changing between snow, hail, and sunshine, but it did not ruin anyones appetite.

Starting late in the morning, the first course for the riders to devour was an A-frame. It was a free-for-all format and no tricks were off the menu. Whether riders chose to slide, gap, flip, or press, the esteemed judges of Alex Sherman, Derek Lever, Ben Bilodeau, and Ted Borland scored accordingly. When the riding finally cooled down, Sierra Jewett and Sam Wittke put together the right ingredients for the top spot of the “Turn It Up” portion! Other standouts included Gravedigger and Trevor Eichelberger serving up a cornucopia of tricks to the delight of the crowd.

The second course consisted of another jam, entitled the “Straight Line“. After a brief intermission, allowing for the Brighton park staff to rearrange the set up, the two tables were spread about fifteen feet apart from one another to increase each riders options. Pretzels and combos galore, the afternoon event went off. Nirvana Ortanez served up her bag of tricks and the judges were impressed, taking home the top spot along with Cooper Whittier for the late lunch session. Sam Klein and Jaromie the Homie were also on hand for any tricks per judges request! Huge shoutout to Jaromie for keeping enough speed to frontboard through the first table, middle ground, and second table with style!

With over 80 riders dropping, there was a lot of prep work that went in to the event. We would like to give a huge thanks to Adidas, Milosport, and Brighton for laying out such a proper setting! Everyone definitely had their fill of good times, pizza, and beer, courtesy of Spidelli’s in Salt Lake who held the afterparty and awards. Can’t wait for the next Adidas Das Tables!

Full results:
Morning Session – “Turn It Up”

1. Sam Wittke
2. Kevin Court AKA Gravedigger
3. Zach Higgins

1. Sierra Jewett

Afternoon Session – “Straight Line”
1. Nirvana Ortanez
1. Cooper Whittier
2. Chrisian Buliung
3. Pat Fava