Words & Photos: Laura Austin

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to the future… and it is filled with guys sporting slicked back hair and mustaches. The Agenda Tradeshow in Huntington Beach is always an interesting show to check out. The brands exhibiting aren’t exclusively snowboarding so you get a peek at what is coming up in other areas like skateboarding and streetwear. After walking around the show for a few hours, slapping hands, and meetings by the pool, things kicked off at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa for the Aerial7 party featuring the Beat Junkies as the musical entertainment. Check out the photos for a better look of what the show was like.

Keir Dillon and Jack Mitrani manning the Frends booth.

Agenda 2011 49

Some of the new FRENDS earbuds.

Agenda 2011 2

Aisles and aisles of brands.

Agenda 2011 3

Sketchy D was in the mix...

Agenda 2011 5

I told you... slicked back hair and mustaches.

Agenda 2011 7

A peek at some od Rhythm's outerwear for next season.

Agenda 2011 8

Shirt by Voleurz

Agenda 2011 9

Louie Vito's signature Spy goggle.

Agenda 2011 13

Spy loves boobs... and a good cause. Spy X Keep A Breast

Agenda 2011 14

Even more slicked back hair and mustaches. Spy's Brent Sandor and Kevin Casillo.

Agenda 2011 17

Volcom likes to have fun.....

Agenda 2011 19

Lot's of it.

Agenda 2011 20

With each pair of Stance socks comes a foot masseuse... short shorts, tank top, and all.

Agenda 2011 21

Coal throwing it back.

Agenda 2011 22


Agenda 2011 24

More Coal.

Not a bad place to have a meeting.

Agenda 2011 38

Beat Junkies at the Aerial7 party.

Agenda 2011 33

MFM & his lady.

Agenda 2011 40

Ashbury's Lance Hakker and Lane Morrison

Rough crowd. Doran Laybourne, Gnarly's Jon Francis, and Scotty Arnold.