In the quest for fine turns, the Airblaster team crossed the Pacific┬áto pilfer the powder of the pistes in Japan. There timing couldn’t have been better, as the skies were filled with storm clouds providing daily resets of light, fluffy snow. Tim Eddy, Scott E. Wittlake, Temple Cummins, Nick Dirks, Yusaku Horii, and Kazu set back their stances and pointed it downhill, weaving wide turns, floating laid-out backflips, threading the needle through trees, and popping off knolls and of course, side hits. Timeless style in a legendary, snowy place, Side Hit Society – Part 2 is a powder hound’s dream. We recommend watching on repeat until snow starts falling in your neck of the woods and follow @airblaster and #sidehitsociety to get even more snow-filled fixes.

From Airblaster:

JAPAN! POWDER! Join legendary AIRBLASTER crew TIM EDDY, SCOTT E. WITTLAKE, TEMPLE CUMMINS, NICK DIRKS, YUSAKU HORII, and KAZU on an epic journey through the chowder stacked mountains of Japan! The Side Hit Society movie follows the Airblaster team on their winter travels across the globe, shredding everything in sight–maybe even a side hit or two–and inducting new friends into the SIDE HIT SOCIETY. Visit to get your SIDE HIT SOCIETY patch and become a lifelong member of this ancient and reputable secret order! Stay tuned for SHS Part 3, where potent young bloods ERIK LEON, MAX WARBINGTON, JESSE GOUVEIA, and friends unleash their creative fury on the snow-packed streets of Bean Town.

Filmed and edited by Paul Heran.