Last winter, the city of Boston opened its streets (it may or may not have been aware of this) to snowboarders the world over who flocked to the Beantown to pilfer the powder that had stacked in the city. For an urban hub that lies in a very snowy area of North America, it’s unprecedented for Boston to have snow blanketing its streets for as long as it did during the winter of 2015 and one of the most exciting things about this meteorological disturbance (when it comes to boarding) is the various routes and features that each crew decided to go after. Suffice to say, there were a lot of options and when the Airblaster crew arrived, they took creativity to the max. A crew of three West Coasters and a Norwegian tackled trees, rails, snowbanks, rhythm sections, and various other city-scape features in the land of Paul Revere. Enjoy as Max Warbington, Freddy Perry, Jesse Gouveia, and Erik Leon channel their inner Will Huntings and John Bennetts and get wicked in the streets of Boston, guy.

Filmed by Paul Heran.

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