Alexis Mailhot hails from the freezing streets of Quebec, where he has been an instrumental component of the province’s Nowamean crew, hammering out parts the past few seasons that have caused the general consciousness of snowboarding to take notice. In his part in Nowamean’s Renaissance, Alexis upholds his status in the rising generation of French Canadian streets destroyers by immaculately tackling consequential street set ups, proffering legit backlips (2:30), 50-50’s on mega kinks, and a barrage of switch tech mastery (3:00) that makes him a deserving heir to the esteemed throne that has been laid out by predecessors like the members of the Deja Vu crew. As Alexis’ visibility in the snowboarding landscape only increases, we’re excited to watch his prowess be applied to heavier and heavier spots.