American Flag

Words: Pat Bridges

If it wasn’t for our affinity for accompanying fireworks and fun in the sun with domestic light beer Independence Day would turn into just another holiday where we curl up with a bottle of wild turkey. In other words the Silver Bullets are what keeps the 4th of July from becoming the fifth of July if you know what we’re saying. Today Snowboarder is using our mousepad
as a cuzy as we settle into an online marathon of boardin’ by the most patriotic riders around. These edits alone prove that when it comes to snowboarding America is the land of the freestyler and home of the brave. USA, USA, USA, USA. Click. Chug. USA, USA, USA. Click. Chug. Hot Dog!

Before snowboarding was subjected to that Shaun come lately, The Palm was the shit. He had full sleeves while dudes thought getting their ears pierced was punk. He was doing head high one-footers while Scott Stevens was still doing number two in his diapers. He had an American Flag on the base of his board while the first Bush was still in office. He had his own video game before Shaun White had his own pubes. This video has footage from 20 years ago in it and it still rules.

Jim Rippey was badass. Even before he became an ordained minister the guy was on a mission and converting snowboarders everywhere to a doctrine of going big and taking chances. Though some believe it was merely a coincidence while others insist it was intentional Jim was the first to attempt and land a Rippey Flip. What isn’t disputed is the fact that he was the first person to backflip a snowmobile.

Jeremy Jones is a true blue boarder who is as passionate about getting tricks on the first try as he is about the first amendment. Though when it comes to being outspoken Jeremy is one of those rare pontificators who can back his shit up.

This is a “best of” remix edit of Bryan Fox’s footage. While some of these clips may have been shot in Canada the important point is that they were all filmed in North America, with the key word in that location being America. Furthermore, these words you are reading were typed in America by an American about an American who is a pro snowboarder so that right there makes this a pro American snowboarding blurb.

This is the first of two videos Snowboarder shot during the final events of last years Olympic qualifying Series. Considering that we brought two third of the freestyle snowboarding medals back to the states from Vancouver everyone else.

Considering that we brought two third of the freestyle snowboarding medals back to the states from Vancouver the use of song America Fuck Yeah doesn’t seem the list premature.