Not your average J.O.E. R: Jake Olsen Elm P: Mike Yoshida

Recap: T Bird
Captions: Pat Bridges & Java Fernandez

Here's a few sentences you'll probably never read again in a contest recap: Kevin Jones hit the longest jib ever constructed at High Cascade. Kurt Wastell boosted overhead airs in the mini pipe; Terry Kidwell, too. Ross Powers poached. And finally, Bryan Fox won the jib event, but not the Chinese Downhill. Day two of ANTPM was full of surprises.

Boxes For Daze. R: Kurt Wastell P: Mike Yoshida

The first event was the Longest Jib. HCSC hosted a "Boxes for Days" event on-hill, and they were kind enough to let our long list of legends and elite have a few tries at the setup to see who could make it to the end first. Awesomely, it was Fox. And even more awesomely, he did it on his first and only try. God, that dude's a badass. The second person to make it all the way off the end was Eddie Wall, while Dylan Thompson–a favorite to win the event– rounded out the top three. Honorable mentions go to Kurt Wastell, Aaron Biittner, Iikka Backstrom, Lauri Heiskari, Jake OE, and Kevin Jones, who scorpioned for the first time since 1999. He's okay, though.

What the hell is T. Bird shooting in this photo? R: Dylan Thompson P: E-Stone

After the Longest Jib, it was on to the Highest Air in the mini pipe portion of ANTPM. While we're on the topic, let me just say that Takaharu Nakai is fucking awesome to watch ride. He was going ballistic, and the fact that he's got a fourth place finish in the Olympics was quite evident by his air-to-fakies. Wastell went huge, Kidwell took some laps, Lane Knaack was boosting, as well as Kyle Clancy, Iikka Backstrom, Lauri Heiskari and Eero Niemela (poaching) were killing it, too. BShaw, as always, just did his thing, much to the amazement of Kohei Kudo, who was fanning out on Bradshaw. Dude's huge in Japan. Bode Merrill was getting after it too. At the end of the event, it was Takaharu who won, whose massive airs made us forget that it was in a mini pipe.

Then, it was time. The Chinese Downhill, my favorite event, personally. I had money on Fox, but I failed to remember that Bode Merrill rides real fast. REAL fast. He blew away the competition, coming over the final berm with a healthy lead as the rest of the field tangled, washed out, and rag-dolled. In my defense, Fox got third, while Kyle Clancy garnered second place.

TRKJ. The Real Kevin Jones! R: Kevin Jones P: E-Stone

It was an amazing day up at High Cascade, but we have to keep this kinda short. The Charity Auction goes down in an hour-and-a-half, as kids and campers vie to win their favorite rider's setup. I plan on buying Kevin Jones's board. Then, the final results are tallied and we crown The Champ. Tonight. So, keep a keen eye on for the final results of America's Next Top Pro Model presented by The House.

ANTPM 2011 Stone 09

E-Stone and Eddie Wall should start a rap group called Stonewall. Seriously. They both have skills on the mic. R: Eddie Wall P: E-Stone

[Update: The charity auction just went down. Bode Merrill's pro model was deemed to be worth the most cash (as well as boots, bindings, sunglasses, and other product. Stay tuned, as the SNOWBOARDER staff tallies the total votes and crowns The Champ tonight at Charlie's.]

Off subject: Parallel slalom is going to be a snowboarding event at the 2012 Olympics in Russia. As if regular slalom isn't bad enough, now we have to deal with twice the suck. R: Eddie Wall P: Aaron Dodds

SNOWBOARDER Magazine would like to thank the following people, brands, and mountain for their support. Without them, America’s Next Top Pro Model wouldn’t be possible: The House, High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Timberline, Preston Strout, Cory McDonald and the HCSC diggers, Terry Kidwell, Kevin Jones, Kurt Wastell, Russell Winfield, all of this year’s participants, and Caked Dave.

Eddie Wall proving that, despite the name of the company which makes his pro model, it is very capable of being ridden midweek. R: Eddie Wall P: Laura Austin

ANTPM Day 2 Results:

Best Jib Board
1. Bryan Fox
2. Eddie Wall
3. Dylan Thompson

Highest Air
1. Takaharu Nakai
2. Kurt Wastell
3. Lane Knaack

Chinese Downhill
1. Bode Merrill
2. Kyle Clancy
3. Bryan Fox

Forest Bailey loves sitting on his pickle. R: Forrest Bailey P: Laura Austin

The base of Bode's board reminds us of this night we can't remember in Mexico at Tappas & Beer. R: Bode Merrill P: Laura Austin

Can you even get Asahi on tap in the States? R: Takaharu Nakai P: Ethan Fortier

Hats off to Takaharu Nakai…and apparently shirts off, too. R: Takaharu Nakai P: T. Bird

Caked Dave cracked the window of his RV after a safety meeting and created one hell of a backdrop for this photo of Takaharu Nakai getting high. R: Takaharu Nakai P: Aaron Dodds

When the Smokin' team heard there were crooked cops on the backside wall, they ran. R: Peter Line P: Mike Yoshida

Ross Powers had the highest selling pro model in the world from 2001 to 2003 but everyone knows that the Smokin' team has the highest sellers in 2011. R: Ross Powers P: T. Bird (Seriously!)

After calling ANTPM on account of rain on Day 2 everyone was excited for a bluebird day, no one more so than the Bluebird team. Here Kurt blasts double overhead as referenced by teammate Kevin Jones on the deck. R: Kurt Wastell P: Laura Austin

Another sidepipe angle. R: Kurt Wastell P: E-Stone

In this photo, Kurt Wastell is clearly high. And Kevin Jones is clearly drunk. R: Kurt Wastell P: Aaron Dodds

This is the only opportunity each year to see these riders on the same slope. P: E-Stone

After this photo was taken, all of the ANTPM Chinese Downhill competitors started fighting. What's funny is they didn't even start it. SNOWBOARDER did. P: Laura Austin

Everyone was remarking how much more professional the snowboards were at ANTPM than at other events. P: E-Stone

Anybody order Chinese Takeout? Fox did but Iikka was the one who paid for it. R: Bryan Fox P: E-Stone

The Chinese Downhill separates the Man's Board from the boys R: Bode Merrill P: T. Bird

Lines were crossed multiple times at the 2011 ANTPM but this is the only instance that didn't involve Russell Winfield. R: Bode Merrill P: Mike Yoshida