Not only does Derek Dennison have a Technine Pro Model, but he now has an ANTPM title. Photo: E-Stone

Not only does Derek Dennison have a Technine Pro Model, but he now has an ANTPM title. Photo: E-Stone

Words: T. Bird

A 100 foot rail may not sound that long, but when the world's most prolific pros are muttering under their breath about its length while hiking past you, it makes one think twice about just how hard it is to make it to the very end. Such was the case in the Windells Camp late this afternoon, as America's Next Top Pro Model's second event, the Longest Rail, proved to be a true test of mettle (pun intended, naturally).

"Hey, any contest where Bryan Fox can podium is cool with me."
–Bryan Fox

With Lauri Heiskari taking home the High Ollie venue, he was undoubtedly one of the favorites, as all in attendance expected him to go the distance (pun intended again, naturally). With a heavy roster consisting of, but not limited to, MFM, Lauri, Eero Ettala, Scotty Arnold, Derek Dennison, Keegan Valaika, Lucas Magoon, Bryan Fox, Austin Smith, Louie Vito, Danny Kass, Pat Moore, Steve Fisher, TJ Schneider, Jesse Burtner, Sean Genovese, and guest appearances by everyone form Johnny Lazz to Jed Anderson, the contest went off.

Snowboarding's American badass Bryan Fox took an early lead, making it to the end of the rail, but slipping off the side just by a hair. Fox laid low after that, as the rest of the riders dropped. MFM took a unique approach with switch front lips while Lauri and Keegan were attempting front lips and back lips respectively. But it was Eero Ettala who front boarded 95 feet of the rail with ease as the crowd erupted. Anyone who has ever witnessed one of Eero's video parts could surely appreciate that. I feel the journalistic need to specifically call out one Kyle Clancy, who was poaching the event, but managed to 50-50 the entire 100 foot rail. Unfortunately for Kyle, his insignia is not adorned on the topsheet of his snowboard, so it didn't actually count in the contest venue, however, the participants and spectators let out a bellowing applause of approval nonetheless.

In the end, it was a sleeper that took the whole thing. Technine team rider Derek Dennison 50-50'd the entire rail end to end not once, but twice…in a row. Dennison came out victorious as the riders and fans all agreed unanimously that Derek was indeed riding the pro model of choice in the Longest Rail event.

Stay tuned tomorrow for up-to-date event details as these pros take to the pipe in the Highest Air, point it in the Chinese Downhill and wind up and give 'er in the Spin-to-Win event. America's Next Top Pro Model is underway, and you can find exclusive coverage of all the happs only at

America’s Next Top Pro Model Longest Rail Results:
1. Derek Dennison – Technine Team Series Dennison
2. Bryan Fox – Nitro Pro One-Off Brian Fox
3. Eero Ettala – Nitro Eero Ettala Pro Model