Eero Ettala.  Photo: E-Stone

Eero Ettala. Photo: E-Stone

Words: T. Bird

America's Next Top Pro Model on-hill events are officially a wrap, but we still have the charity auction tonight before the victor is crowned overall champion. The Windells lane jump line was the venue for the Spin to Win contest, and these dudes were winding up and givin 'er for over an hour. It was a dizzying affair filled with laughter, applause and plenty of bails, making it potentially my personal favorite of all the events.

In the end, it was New Hampshire native, Forum superstar and fire-haired wonderboy Pat Moore who took home the Spin to Win title.

The riders were given three attempts at a frontside spin, followed by three attempts at a backside spin, and the winner would be the rider whose two combined spins from each respective attempt equaled the largest number. Vancouver destroyer TJ Schneider came out of the gate strong with a few switch back nine attempts and a frontside ten. For those of you who think TJ is only a jibber, you are wrong. Dude can jump. Lauri Heiskari and Eero Ettala battled it out for a bit while Pat Moore, Bryan Fox, Steve Fisher, Keegan Valaika, Austin Smith, Scotty Arnold, Chris Bradshaw and Eddie Wall went sevens for sevens and nines for nines. To be honest, it was knee-bucklingly hilarious to watch the world's most esteemed riders hucking their carcasses off of a thirty foot jump while screaming and laughing when someone landed, butt-checked or scorpioned.

In the end, it was New Hampshire native, Forum superstar and fire-haired wonderboy Pat Moore who took home the Spin to Win title with Eero Ettala in second. A two-way tie for third place between Lauri Heiskari and Louie Vito was decided spontaneously by the judges, who opted to see a switch method contest. What better way to end a Spin to Win venue than with the most simple yet stylish trick in snowboarding? The irony panned out in favor of Lauri, who took down Vito for third place, and it was on to the halfpipe Highest Air contest followed by the Chinese Downhill event to top off the day.

Stay tuned to as we will crown the overall winner of America's Next Top Pro Model in the coming hours, and then you can go out and spend your hard-earned dollars on one of these rider-endorsed sticks, knowing that you surely got your money's worth.

America’s Next Top Pro Model Spin to Win Results:
1. Pat Moore – Forum Pat Moore
2. Eero Ettala – Nitro Eero Ettala Pro Model
3. Lauri Heiskari – DC XFB Pro Lauri Heiskari
4. Louie Vito – Omatic Celebrity Series

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