Analog & Bear Mtn's "Design Unlikely Features" Contest Photos

Words & Photos: Jenna Klein

Hardly any of us will grow up to be architects or structural engineers, and aside from disappointing our parents, this will probably hinder our ability to construct park features as well. Lucky for 17 year-old Austin Blair, Analog and Bear Mountain partnered in the "Design Unlikely Features" contest, giving creative types like him a chance to bring their visions to life.

Beating out the rest of the entrants, Austin boarded a plane in Seattle, headed to Bear, got kitted up in complimentary Analog gear and made his way to The Scene to unveil his feature. Prior to revealing his jib, irony struck as I accidentally took my first lap of the day with Austin himself. Surprised at his own win, Austin couldn't be happier to ride Bear Mountain, saying his closest resort boasts a smaller area with a quarter of the features. Austin's proud parents also came down to show their support, standing anxiously amongst others to view the feature in the flesh. As the park crew entered The Scene in their spacey outfits, the tarps were pulled and the Spaceship revealed. With the jib open to the public, longtime legend and Analog team manager Dave Downing recruited kids to the top of the course and sanctioned the Spaceship open for action. Austin dropped first with the others in pursuit, kicking off the rail jam portion of the event.

Groms jammed first, with midget to man mafia member Lenny Mazzotti claiming the win. Lenny put together a myriad of moves, finding tranny options on the spaceship and untapped presses on the rails. The men were next and gave judges a difficult time deciphering who should take home first. Devin Allen put down front 3's out on the down rail, Ian locked in a hardway back 1 on the down and Donk laid huge combo's on the Spaceship and transferred the quarterpipes with ease.

Finding a home amongst other jibs and features, look for Analog's Spaceship to set down on numerous parts of the mountain this winter.

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15 and Under

1. Lenny Mazzotti
2. Brandon Davis
3. Jaromie Nolan

16 and Over

1. Devin Allen
2. Ian Sam's
3. Donkey

1. Amy Mayernik
2. Jenna Klein
3. Hailey Langland