Austen Sweetin. p: Ryan “Huggy” Hughes

This morning, Analog Clothing announced some big news in that French Canadian jibbing juggernaut Nic Sauve and all-around ruler Austen Sweetin are the newest additions to Analog. With an already-impressive roster in long-time team riders Mikkel Bang and Zak Hale, Analog has now added two pros to their prolific list of talent. We had a chance to ask the additions a few questions about Analog's recent acquisition, so sit back and have a read as the team talks about the brand, their winters, and what to look forward to in their tenure at Analog.
-T. Bird

Austen Sweetin and Nic Sauve

First of all, congratulations on the addition to the Analog team. How did it all come about?

Austen: Thank you, I’m really excited to be part of such an amazing team and brand. It came about right after New Years. I've worked with Randy and Jon at R.E.D. and Forum in the past years so when they both went to Analog they gave me a shout and said they were making additions to the team and wanted to try and put me on, and it all escalated from there. Thanks to them and all the other guys behind the scenes it worked out and I could not be more happy about it!

Nic: I got a call about mid-season this past winter from Jon Spiris. He was my Team Manager over a Forum for the last couple of years before it got shut down. He hit me up telling me he had a new position as TM over at Analog and was wondering what I was thinking about riding for them. I was all in.

How does it feel to be a part of a brand that holds so much relevance in snowboarding?

Austen: It feels really awesome to be part of a brand that has such a long-lasting presence in snowboarding. Analog has always had a very well-rounded team with a lot of personality, so being a part of it is really exciting. I think being on the same team as Mikkel, Zak, and Nic is going to help push me even more in snowboarding and I'm looking forward to riding more with those guys in the future!

Nic: It means a lot to me and feels amazing. I can't think of another brand I would be more stoked on. Makes me even more hyped to strap in!

Nic Sauve. p: Oli Gagnon

What projects did you focus on this winter?

Austen: This past winter I got a chance to film for TransWorld's "Nation" movie. I spent all of my winter focusing on trying to put together a well-rounded part as best as I could!

Nic: I was filming all season for "Deja Vu." It's a project that means more than anything to me and everyone in our crew, so it was definitely a special year for me.

How much time have you guys spent riding with Mikkel and Zak and do you look forward to lapping with those dudes more in the future?

Austen: I have ridden with Zak off and on over the years from going to The Launch and we did a SNOWBOARDER editorial together with Pat [Bridges] a few years ago so we've spent some time cruising but I have only ridden with Mikkel at Superpark this year. I'm really looking forward to riding with those guys more in the future and am excited to continue riding with Nic more as well!

Nic: I haven’t had the chance to strap in a lot with them, I rode with Zak a bit at the Holy Bowly this year and maybe once at Camp of Champs in Whistler with Mikkel, but that's about it. I've had the chance to hang out with those guys though more than riding and it's always been a blast. I'm always excited to see what they come up with in their video parts every year. I always thought that the people you either like to watch or ride with have an influence on your personal riding style in a way, so I'm for sure looking forward to shredding with both of them soon.

What was the highlight of your winter?

Austen: Lapping the Boreal jump at Superpark and riding lines in AK with Bjorn [Leines] were probably my two standout moments, but being able to snowboard all winter and film a part is the ultimate highlight!

Nic: My whole winter was a huge highlight because I got to film all year with my homeys. I will remember this for my whole life.

Where can kids see what you were up to last winter?

Austen: SNOWBOARDER Mag, TransWorld, the Yes web series, Dan Brisse's "Nuts and Bolts," and the TWS "Nation" movie. Also, my Instagram @austensweetin has everything I’m up to on it.

Nic: "Déjà Vu" will be released in September on iTunes and DVD in board shops all over. There will be some web stuff coming out during the summer, too, on to hype up the release so keep an eye out!

Final thoughts?

Austen: I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who made this possible and am really excited to be part of Analog. Cheers!

Nic: Thanks Jon, Randy and Ruff for making this happen! So stoked.

Austen Sweetin. p: T. Bird


Mikkel Bang and Zak Hale

How long have you been on the Analog roster?

Zak: I've been on for about four or five years now! Time flies when you’re with these dudes.

Mikkel: Since 2003.

Where do you see Analog as a brand within the outerwear landscape?

Zak: It's a brand that has a love for the sport, it's geared for snowboarders and nothing else, and they stick to the roots and make great pieces.

Mikkel: I've seen the new stuff and my favorite is the Gore-Tex® line. It's looking good.

Zak Hale. p: Mike Yoshida

What do you think about the addition of Austen Sweetin and Nic Sauve?

Zak: It's really sweet to see this brand branch out from Burton and bring in some new faces and both of these dudes are really good at snowboarding...and good humans!

Mikkel: Austen and Nic are great riders and I'm really stoked to get to know them both more and get to ride with them more in the future.

Have you ridden with either of them before?

Zak: Yep, I've been friends with Sweetin for a while and I got to ride with Nic a few times this year, including at the Holy Bowly! But looking forward to more time riding with them!

Mikkel: I've ridden with Austen, but not with Nic yet, but I'm very happy to get to ride with both now.

Mikkel Bang. p: Blotto

Do you have any plans with Analog for the coming winter?

Zak: Push the brand as much as possible and hang out with some new teammates!

Mikkel: I'm trying the Olympic circus, then focusing on backcountry after that.

What was the highlight of your winter?

Zak: I mean, my highlight is always just being able to snowboard, but for sure the Holy Bowly; it was an honor to go to that. But also just filming for the Burton movie.

Mikkel: Just getting back to snowboarding after my arm injury before Christmas.

In the next few years, what do you hope to accomplish as a rider and a representative of Analog?

Zak: I hope to push the brand as much as I can and make people see that Analog isn't going anywhere, they're just going to make a way bigger presence in its roots: snowboarding. Analog has a huge history and I am very honored to be a part of it.

Mikkel: I want to ride more backcountry and focus on filming and photos.