Anna Gasser Becomes First Woman To Land A Triple Cork

Video Below!

And here we thought it was going to just be another Tuesday. ANNA GASSER JUST BECAME THE FIRST WOMAN TO PUT DOWN A TRIPLE CORK!

Along with a decent amount of the snowboarding world, Anna Gasser is currently in her home country of Austria riding around the Stubai Glacier.



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And around noon local time, Gasser left the lip and became the first woman to land a triple cork on a snowboard. Drew Hastings, filmer/friend of the mag responsible for plenty of clips and edits you most definitely have enjoyed, was on the knuckle when it all went down. We called Drew to get his angle… and the convo went something like this.

SNOWBOARDER: “Hey Drew! You are in Stubai right now right?”

“Yeah man, why are you calling me, we are not friends.”

“We are sorry about all those things we said about you. We all good?”

“Yeah, I forgive you. Glad we could patch that up.”

“Perfect, you were on the knuckle when Anna landed that triple, yeah?”

“Yeah! Deadass stomp. IT WAS SO SICK. The place went crazy.”

“Sick! Send over the angle! Hyped to see it.”

“I wasn’t recording, thought she was just doing a double.”

SNOWBOARDER: Click. Hang up.

Update: Anna uploaded this clip to her gram.



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So, luckily Sven Thorgren posted this video to his Insta Story. We will never work with Drew again. We hope you all continue to have a nice Tuesday (Except for DREW!)! Hopefully we will have a chat with Anna soon! CONGRATS!

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