Annie Boulanger: 2010 Women's Rider of the Year #1

Annie Boulanger, Pemberton, BC backcountry. Photo: Cole Barash

Annie Boulanger, Pemberton, BC backcountry. Photo: Cole Barash

Years of bucking the all-girls snowboard video trend in favor of filming in predominantly male lineups have finally paid off for Annie Boulanger, as this Female Rider of the Year accolade is probably long overdue. Gender aside, Annie steps to tackling serious terrain in Neverland and never looks back. Having himself worked hard to leave his contest roots in his roost, Jake Blauvelt knows the commitment it takes to spearhead a new career direction. Blauvelt remarks that Boulanger "Charges sooo hard. Takes gnarly bails. Goes fast." Fellow Canadian Natasza Zurek adds, "That's the kind of snowboarding I wish to do this season!"


With profiles in SNOWBOARDER, Snowboard Canada, and the Snowboard Women's Annual, anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Annie can be found in print this season. While some of her peers can't muster up a single shot for an ad, in 2009 Boulanger filled many a memory card with stylish, unforgettable images, and we're not talking about lifestyle shots!

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