Today anon announces the release of their iPhone app available on the Apple app store.

It’s the first ever app with a live-view lens visualizer which lets snowboarders virtually test which anon lens is best at any given location and light condition in a matter of seconds.

Here’s how the app works. The iPhone will use the camera lens as a view finder to capture their surroundings. Then, riders point the phone at whatever they want (say the base lodge or mountain, or jump) and see how it will look under 6 different anon lens tints. The app allows users to swipe from darkest to lightest lens tint so they can see which color lens they prefer for that condition.

In addition to the live-view lens visualizer the app has a product section, dealer locator, and bios with photos of the anon team. Click your way over to the app store today to download the new anon app.

anon lens viewanon app product screenanon app menu