Historically, crews of hardworking men traversed the Wyoming badlands looking for gold, hoping to find precious metal to make their fortune. In current day, the enterprising Arbor Snowboards team sent it to The Cowboy State to plunder for powder. Luckily there was white gold in the hills and Joe Bosler, Erik Leon, Jack Hessler, Scotty Vine, Curtis Woodman, and Mike Gray were able to weave in and out of–and at times on top of–the WY trees to slash the stashes and send it into open pastures. After pilfering the Jackson trails for all they were worth, Scotty lead the crew on a mission for metal of a different variety, which while worth less in the open market, provided ample stacks of shots for the team to take home. Enjoy the second episode of Arbor Snowboards’ The Postcard Series.

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