Curtis Woodman’s pursuit of the purest of snowboarding joys, found deep in plentiful powder and laid out turns, has brought him to a variety of high peaks and each time Curtis drops in, he has combined agile pokes and tweaks with sweeping arcs, hefty drops, and narrow passages. Last winter we followed his salty, surfing travels in webisode series, Surf the Earth and this fall Woodman has scoped some heavy sets and is taking on all the rights and lefts the mountains can throw at him. While his name first circulated with parts in Neoproto in the early aughts and later with Think Thank, it has been backcountry exploration over the past years in which Curtis’ true creativity has shone. As season 2 of Surf the Earth gets ready to drop, watch Curtis’ full part, which will not only satiate your autumn desire for trips to the white room, but spurn your creativity to explore your own Earth surfing this season.

Watch Surf the Earth Season 1.