Dubai is one of the quickest growing cities in the world. It’s become a vacation spot for Europeans seeking lavish luxury. It houses the largest mall in the world and some of the tallest buildings. There is so much traffic that there is a complex double-decker road system being built in the city. And for some reason, the biggest horses in the world are found in Dubai. All of these are legitimate reasons for visiting this exotic locale (and all are things that can be found by Googling “fun facts about Dubai”). But in addition to the sandy beaches, stretches of desert, and sunny weather, Dubai is also home to Ski Dubai, a snowdome with indoor skiing acreage totaling 72,000 square feet–and it’s in a shopping mall. Last winter, Arbor riders Scotty Vine, Brandon Hammid, Erik Leon, and Sammy Spiteri traveled to this lavish land to lap the indoor lanes for the latest video in Arbor’s The Postcard Series. As they put it, “Dubai is probably not the first place you would think of when planning a snowboard trip, but the heart of adventure lies in the act of defying the conventional and thinking outside of the box. Quite ironically, in this case that actually meant thinking inside the box, because the only place to go snowboarding in Dubai is a giant refrigerator.” So sit back and take a journey to Ski Dubai with the Arbor Snowboards team.

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