Quebec’s consistently cold and snowy winters have established this eastern Canadian province as a proving ground for riders who find their calling when it comes to metal, concrete, wood, and siding. During the winter of 2014-15, the northeast of North America was blanketed with an insane amount of freezing precipitation and freezing temperatures, making the region practically uninhabitable unless you planned on strapping in and sending it. This is exactly what the Arbor team set out to do and so Brandon Hammid, Mike Liddle, Mike Gray, and LP Dorval made the journey to Quebec in search of nouveau spots to put their stamp on. Luckily for the crew, their penchant for handrails and man-made transition translated fluidly into the French Canadian landscape and with the help of tourguides Frank April and the up and coming Nowamean crew, they emerged with beaucoup de creative shots for this edition of Arbor’s Video Log: Quebec. Enjoy.

From Arbor:

The locals wouldn't stop talking about how it was one of the coldest winters in the past century. That didn't stop the Arbor Snowboards crew consisting of Brandon Hammid, Mike Liddle, Mike Gray, and LP Dorval from exploring the frozen city in search of new spots, never been done tricks, and good times. Visiting a city that is so steeped in snowboard history is not only challenging but inspiring and the crew rose the occasion, breaking ground and ice to bring you Video Log: Quebec.

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Un grand merci à the Nowamean crew and Frank April for showing us around the city and being so hospitable.